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All About Domex: What Does Bleach Do, And How Does It Work?

There’s no question that Domex kills all known germs dead, but how does this happen? We know Domex is a thick bleach, but how does it work? And what does bleach do to help you in the fight against germs in your toilet? Arm yourself with bleach facts, learn how bleach works and find out why Domex is the ultimate germ-killing weapon.

Domex bleach uses

Using bleach to clean is a great way to eliminate germs at home. Domex has an excellent worldwide reputation as a disinfectant designed to kill germs and bacteria. The bathroom is a high traffic area for germs, but you can protect yourself from these with Domex thick bleach cleaner and multi-purpose cleaner. There are a number of bleach uses when you’re tackling regular cleaning jobs: Domex can be used on surfaces to get rid of germs, to clean your bathroom suite and work surfaces, and leave your home smelling fresh.

So, what about other threats to your home? Does bleach kill fleas? And does bleach kill fungus? Yes, bleach gets rid of most bugs, parasites and fungi – just make sure you’re using it on a suitable surface (always read the instructions on the label).

What does bleach do? Get your Domex bleach facts straight

Domex contains chemicals called oxidative agents. When these agents come into contact with germs or stains, they cause oxidation, a process that kills germs.

Domex ingredients

The ingredients label on a bottle of Domex can be confusing. Let’s demystify them:

  • Sodium Hypochlorite: A chemical compound based on salt – this is the active ingredient in bleach
  • Surfactants: Remove dirt from the surface.
  • Perfume: The scent making your bathroom smell fresh after using Domex

Does bleach kill germs?

Does Domex kill bacteria? And does bleach kill viruses? Yes, on both counts – no ifs, no buts. Domex bleach is the ultimate weapon in the war against germs. It gets rid of 99.9% of all known germs lurking in your toilet.

Does bleach kill bacteria? How bleach works

So how does bleach kill bacteria? It’s down to a powerful chemical reaction. The sodium hypochlorite in Domex bleach oxidises molecules in the cells of the germs it meets. This process eradicates bacteria and viruses and protects you from illness spread via toilets.

How to Use Domex

Domex bleach can be used all around the home when you follow the instructions on the bottle. It is not just a toilet cleaner but can be used on a surprising number of surfaces to keep you and your family safer against illness.

What about sustainability?

Domex bleach is a thick, easy-to-use product that kills all known germs dead – even in the nastiest of places. Using bleach to clean is simple and safe and it gives complete reassurance that the threat has been dealt with. Domex can protect your family against germs and bacteria.