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Toilets on field (Domestos helped build 200,000)

How We’re Fighting for Clean Water and Sanitation Around the World

Our Mission

Every two minutes, a child is killed from a disease caused by poor water sanitation and hygiene. With the materials, technology, and knowledge we have today, this shouldn’t be happening – especially when the problem can be solved by something as simple as a toilet.

This is why Domex is working to change the situation worldwide. 

Our mission is to provide improved sanitation by 2020 for 25 million people across the world. We’re working to bring toilets to communities in need, saving the lives of people just like us all around the globe.

Right now, poor sanitation causes over 270 million school absences every year. That just isn’t right. Which is why we believe every single school should have access to a toilet, providing clean water and sanitation, and that it shouldn’t be a privilege, but a right. We also believe janitors, pupils, and teachers should be taught about water sanitation and hygiene, so they know how to keep their toilets safe and clean.

We’ve helped to construct over 200,000 toilets around the world for those that previously had no access to one at all. We’re also aiding schools in toilet maintenance, so we can help to raise awareness about poor sanitation. Together, we can help stop easily preventable diseases from taking the lives of innocent people.