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School classroom with teacher and children

Domex and UNICEF Projects for Improved Sanitation

Domex and UNICEF Projects for Improved Sanitation

Can you believe that a third of all people in the world still don’t have access to a toilet? This causes terrible sanitation and plenty of safety issues, exposing all of those people to a wealth of dangerous diseases. It also causes over 200 million absences from schools every year, with a high percentage of those being girls. Due to the lack of a safe, private toilet, girls will often stay home during their period, or may even never go. The simple access to a toilet would change the lives of all these people forever.

To help fight this global crisis, we’re working on the ‘Cleaner Toilets, Brighter Futures’ initiative, alongside UNICEF. We’re delivering access to improved sanitation, as well as education on hygiene for pupils, teachers, and janitors. We believe our Domex and UNICEF projects can make a visible change in the world we live in, bringing hope to millions around the globe.

Our belief is that access to a hygienic, safe toilet isn’t a privilege – it’s a right. No school or community should be without such a simple tool that can dramatically reduce deaths and improve education. By bringing better access to improved sanitation, our Domex and UNICEF projects will help people to live longer and better.

So far, our mission has seen us build   more than 200,000 toilets in impoverished communities around the world, improving sanitation and helping kids get the education they deserve. Stand alongside us in our fight and together we can help bring hope and happiness to people that need us.